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This page is dedicated to some of our puppies from our litters who we do not own or co-own, but who are active in some dog sports and who deserve their own 'bragging rights' page.  Just scroll down the page to see what they are up to!

Kash at 3 Years old

OFA Cardiac - RO-CA2390/13M/C-PI  

CERF # RO-5669/2006

Whelped:  April 2, 2005


Multi V-Rated AOM Am./Select Can. Ch. Rothburgs Kourage Under Fire ZtP CDX Am. CD DDX RN BH CS CI HIC CGC x Can. Ch. OTCH. Shacoram's Just Say When CDI RE BH RL2 CGN TT HIC


Kash was our green boy in our 'Harry Potter' litter and he just sort of 'popped' at about 7 weeks.  The boys were all so nice in this litter that I think we didn't give him a second look in regards to his conformation until at 6 weeks we just kind of went 'WOW, where did he come from?'

He was a sweet, laid back guy and although he was the smallest puppy at birth, he went home at 9 weeks old at 20.7lbs.  He is co-owned with Dinah Warner of Clairmont, Alberta.  At 3 years old, he now a lean 105lbs!



Kash is now busy with obedience and agility and some herding when it is available WAY up north!!   Dinah is working towards getting him into the novice obedience ring and is already well on his way in his open level of obedience training as well.   Kash has proven to me, and to Dinah, that one of the most laid back puppies in a litter does not necessarily correctly portray what a dog will turn out to be.  He has prey and play drive like his mom;  GO GO GO!  That is his motto.  He bikes, pulls tires and sleds with his little person, Raiden.

He and Dinah attended a weekend herding clinic in Grande Prairie, August 2006.  As you can see from the picture above, Kash is a natural!  AND, November 2006, Kash and Dinah earned their HIC at the first ever Rottweiler Club of Canada herding trial in Grande Prairie, AB!


Left is Kash earning his CD title in Calgary, August 2007.

Kash earned his CD in 3 straight trials here in Calgary at the AKC show in August 2007.   He did it with 3 placements as well, a second, third and fourth place.  Dinah has done an AMAZING job with this boy, we could not be more proud.  I was able to watch him in the ring for his first leg which made it that much more special.  We will  have the picture soon!

We look forward to what the future holds for this working boy.  He is  loved by Dinah, Bob and their 3 boys and his new housemate, Reo, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier!


Right is Kash and Reo



Multi Best of Breed

Multi Best Puppy in Breed (CKC Pointed)

Akamai Dreaming Jester PCD CGN


OFA Hips RO-69231G24M-VPI

OFA Elbows DJDI Left/DJDII Right

Eyes: Tested 2007 Normal (Dr. Grahn)

Whelped: June 2, 2006


Am/Can.Ch. Von Marc's It's Bud Time Am/Can. CDX CGC x Can. Ch. OTCH. Shacoram's Just Say When CDI RE BH RL2 CGN TT HIC


Jester was our working pick male puppy out of Jewel's second litter.  He was a very busy little puppy when he was here with us and he really stuck out to me since I LOVE a worky little pup.  He would trip me each and every time he was out in the yard or just wandering the house and he was always the first pup to greet people when they came over to visit.  And this was all before the age of 8 weeks!  Surely I knew from this that he would be destined for big things ....

So, with the guidance of his new owners Bill and Charmian Robb of Regina, Saskatchewan and their other dog, a young Belgian Terveren named Bella, Jester is doing wonderful things. 

January 28, 2007, in Regina, Bill and Jester tried their hand at obedience trialling.  Daring to say the least with a young puppy, but with trainers as owners, how could they go wrong?

Well, they came away from the weekend with a new obedience title; a Pre-Novice title (PCD).  Jester became Jewel's first obedience titled puppy!  How excited am I???

At the Regina show, Charmian and Jester showing off, spring 2008.

April 13 - 15, 2007, Jester was entered in his very first dog show in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.  Handled by Bill once again, Jester went Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed for his first point on Friday and went Best Puppy in Breed on Sunday. 

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in May 2007, Jester earns another point towards his championship and 2 Best of Breed wins!


June 8, 2007 at the Regina Kennel and Obedience Club, Jester earns another point towards his Championship going Winners Dog and Best of Opposite sex.  Owner-handled by Bill Robb once again!  He now sits on 3 points!!Way to go guys!

Jester earned his CGN title in August 2007 at the age of 14 months, just like his sister Seeker.

Jester lost his other Rottn housemate in September 2007.  Her name was Leica and along with Bill, they had earned their CD a few years back.

OFA Hips RO-70368G26M-VPI

OFA ElbowsRO-EL7350M26-VPI

OFA Cardiac# RO-CA3843/20M/C-VPI

CERF# RO-6835/2009

CHIC# 60551

Whelped: August 5, 2007


SG-Rated Can. Ch. Ashemburg's Dark Side RN CGN HIC TT x SG-Rated Can. Ch. Akamai Time Turner RN CGN TT HIC


Red Boy is now known as Brogan and is making his home in High River, Alberta with Lindsay and Phyllis Bauder and a Jack Russell named Mariah.

He is an active boy who came out of his first show weekend in March 2008 pointed towards his championship. 

In Chilliwack, BC, April 11-13, 2008, Brogan and his owners, while on a vacation in the fifth-wheel, stopped for the weekend to attend the show there and what a weekend they had.  Brogan came away with 3 WD and Best of Opposite Sex wins and 3 more points towards his Championship.  He was owner-handled once again by Lindsay .... way to go guys!

Still out in their 5th wheel on 'vacation', Brogan was VP-4 rated in the competitive 6-9 month males class at the Washington Working Rottweiler Club's sieger show.  This was under respected Breeder/Judge Mike Jackman. 


After the Evelyn Kenny show here in Calgary in July 2008, Brogan now sits on 9 points towards his championship, all owner/handled by Lindsay.  He took home 5 points that weekend.  Awesome work guys!

 Rating: VP-4

Eight month old male puppy.  Medium bone.  Attentive.  Medium brown eyes.  Dark mouth pigment.  Medium sized ears, could be held a little closer to his face.  Medium brown markings clearly defined.  Very good front.  Excellent neck and topline.  Very good front and rear angulation.  Very good coat.  Scissors bite, complete dentition.  Very playful movement.


Brogan finished his Canadian Championship in August 2008 in Cranbrook, BC.  He did so with great-grandma Traci at the lead and he showed beautifully.  It was a double champion weekend!



Parker at almost 4 years old in December 2008

OFA Cardiac - RO-CA2391/13M/C-PI

Whelped:  April 2, 2005


Multi V-Rated AOM Am./Select Can. Ch. Rothburgs Kourage Under Fire ZtP CDX Am. CD DDX RN BH CS CI HIC CGC x Can. Ch. OTCH. Shacoram's Just Say When CDI RE BH RL2 CGN TT HIC

Parker was the big 'fatty' boy puppy in our 'Harry Potter' litter, however, as we have learned, weights of puppies in a litter when they leave at 8 weeks or so does not always indicate what they will continue to grow like (ie ... see above!!!!).  Parker has turned out beautifully both structurally and in temperament.  He is proving to be a slow maturing boy, and at 26 months old, he is 100lbs.  However, having said that, he is now starting to fill in and looks amazing.

We have shown Parker sparingly since he was a puppy, to get him used to showing, but because he is maturing like his Momma Jewel, he always seems to be up against a BEEFCAKE boy


That said, at 15.5 months old, Parker attended his first sieger show at the 2nd Annual Calgary Sieger show in DeWinton and he was SG Rated under ADRK judge Werner Walter from Germany with a great critique and was handled by his Daddy, Mike.  AND, Mommy Pam handled him to his TT title that same day!

Judge Walter Werner (ADRK)

12-18 Months Males SG-Rating

Tall, medium strong bone, strong head, medium brown eyes, medium sized ears, correct carried and set, black lips, pink gums, strong neck, medium wide chest, straight forearms, strong paws, straight back, strong rear and correct hind angulation, excellent movement, short coat, red brown markings, scissors bite.

Parker recently lost his beautiful lady and housemate named Chanelle to osteosarcoma, but she is with him and Pam and Mike everyday on her angel wings! 

September 2007, Parker has a new buddy at home with him now - he shares his home with Lexi, who is his niece out of Moka's first litter (who is now also featured below).

Lexi and Parker earned their HIC titles in May 2008 - click here to see the fun we had that day!

Tessa at almost 12 months old!

Winner Senior Puppy Female Class RCC 2007 National Specialty

Akamai Dream A Little Dream BH


OFA Hips RO-69585G24F-PI

OFA Elbows - DJDI

Whelped: June 2, 2006


Am/Can.Ch. Von Marc's It's Bud Time Am/Can. CDX CGC x Can. Ch. OTCH. Shacoram's Just Say When CDI RE BH RL2 CGN TT HIC


So, this is Tessa.  She was the pink girl in our 'Dream' litter.  My decision was between her and Seeker, and it was just not an easy decision to make.

Tessa calls Burnaby, BC home with her owners, James and Cathleen Pentecost.  They love this little fireball.  They have also found her niche on the schutzhund field working with respected trainer, Pat Brown. 

She is actively tracking and training and when she is not doing that, she is swimming like  a little fish.  Tessa is the spitting image of her mother, Jewel.  It is quite remarkable actually.  Of all of her kids, Tessa took on more of her characteristics than all of others, including her play and prey drives.  Go figure!

Tessa and James earned their BH title in BC in May 2008.  We are so proud of this duo; Tessa is James' first competition dog and will continue on with her in conformation and Schutzhund into 2008 and 2009!