Herding Instinct Evaluations In

DeWinton, Alberta

August 15, 2010


The Rottweiler Club of Canada held a herding instinct test near Calgary in August 2010, so we invited everyone to come out.  Although the turnout of our own dogs wasn't what I had hoped for, we had some extended family out playing with sheep and it was a lot of fun!

Della having her turn with the sheep!

Dax taking his turn .... he hasn't forgotten how much fun sheep are at all!

Dax's daughter Macha (out of Roxy) .... Coulee's Pursuit for Justice HIC, sizing those sheep out first .....



... and she did some excellent work, earning her HIC at 16 months old!!!

More Della, she didn't pass this time, but we know she will soon enough!

Here is our own baby Magnum, out of Seeker and Dax, he is now officially known as Akamai Travellin' Soldier HIC.  He was great.  Thanks to his owners, Terra and Andrew Hall, for bringing him out to play with sheep!

One more of Magnum, this one I think is my favorite.  Nice to see he loves those sheep like both of his parents!

Bronx (Jewel grandson) taking his turn, he didn't pass either, those sheep smelled far too interesting .....


And lastly, we weren't able to watch Piper's (Jewel's granddaughter) run, but we do hope to get to see her in action next spring when she tries again to earn her HIC!!!!