Scotia herding with Louanne Twa in April 2012


Although our exposure to sheep is limited, we sure do love the chance to get our dogs out to try their paws at herding.  I think because herding was such a big part of the Rottweiler's heritage, that they should at least have a chance to give herding a try once on their lives ...

Hopefully in the next few years we will be able to really dig into the dirt and get involved in some herding trials and show everyone what Rottweilers were really bred to do!

Over the years we have done plenty of herding instinct tests with our own dogs and now dogs of our breeding, whether within our breeding program or from outside breedings now that we thought we would simply make a page dedicated to herding.

These next two links will take you to some herding fun in the past few years!!

Herding 2008

Herding 2010


Left is Seeker at her HIC May 2007

Jewel at her second HIC test in November 2005

In July 2002, Justice passed his herding instinct evaluation to earn the title HIC (herding instinct certified). The evaluator, Jill Brodie, rated him forceful without excess and excited but controllable. He was highly interested in the sheep. Looks like he is following in his mother's paw steps!!

In June of 2004, both Jewel and Jager went into the herding ring and, while exhibiting two completely different herding styles (as noted by Mr. Ron Gale, the evaluator), both earned their own herding instinct certifications. 

Here is Justice highly involved during his herding instinct test!


August 28, 2005, we took 5 puppies  from our 'Harry Potter' litter  to a herding instinct test here in Calgary.  They all did well considering they were not quite 5 months old at the time.  Of the 5 pups who were tested, 3 passed (Moka, Wicca and Kira), but I have no doubt that the two (coincidentally the boys, Dax and Parker) will do better when given another chance at the sheep!

Before the RCC National Specialty in May 2007 in Chilliwack, BC, we attended a herding instinct test at the home of Shelley Fritzke who is an experienced herding instructor and CKC herding judge.

Here is  Dax, Ch. Akamai Rubeus Hagrid TT HIC, earning his HIC in May 2o07 with tester Shelley Fritzke.  Both he and Seeker earned this title at this test and did it with excellent remarks and natural herding ability. 

Here is Ruckus during his HIC in May 2008 at just under 10 months old!