Introducing our 2007 Litter known as the.....


'Horse Power' Litter

Whelped August 5, 2007    7 Boys and 3 Girls

Pedigree for the 'Horse Power' Litter


Puck on the top of the world, in the Yukon that is ....

May 2008 - Six of these puppies earned their HIC titles - click here for more details!

Lexi and her baby, Connor .... he just turned one and LLLOOOOVVVVVEEES his puppies!!!

For Moka's first breeding, we thought we would give it a 'horse power' theme since she is a girl who is always, ALWAYS on the go.  The litter was co-bred with her owners, Cindy and Jason Chan (Mokobreeze Rottweilers) and myself and the names will be related in one way or another to famous race horses or horse races.

Here are some updated pictures of the puppies in their new homes. 

Akamai N Mokobreeze Dahlia

Purple Girl, is now known as Piper and belongs to Trent and Heather Terakita of Lethbridge, Alberta.


Akamai N Mokobreeze Affirmed

Burgundy Boy is now known as Marley and made his way on his own to Thunder Bay, Ontario to his new home with Patrick and Tiffany McFarland.

He is apparently quite a quick study and is learning everything from basic obedience to some tricks and FAST!  The wonderful thing is that Marley is such a good little worker that Patrick is getting the obedience bug himself ..... perhaps we will see Marley and Patrick in the obedience ring soon enough????


Multi-Best Puppy in Breed

Can. Ch. Mokobreeze Akamai Ladys Secret TT HIC

OFA Hips RO-70292G24F-VPI

OFA Elbows RO-EL7310F24-VPI

OFA Cardiac# RO-CA3841/20F/C-VPI

CERF# RO-6834/2009



August 5, 2007 - March 2010

Green Girl was known as Kalli.  She was the pick female of the litter and she truly did follow in her momma Moka's pawprints.  She stayed with her Fur-mom Moka and their skin family, Cindy, Jason and Brianna Chan.

Kalli finished her Canadian Championship in August 2008 after 2 truly successful weekends in Cold Lake, Alberta with Grandma Marina in July 2008 and Cranbrook, BC with Momma Cindy.

Sadly and suddenly, Kalli was lost to GI lymphoma (aliementary lymphoma), a very quick and invasive form of cancer, in March 2010 at the VERY young age of 2.5 years.

Condolences to her family, Cindy, Jason and Brianna.


Akamai N Mokobreeze Eclipse TT HIC

OFA Hips RO-70393G25M-VPI


OVC Hips/Elbows Normal # 0041526

OFA Cardiac# RO-CA3844/20M/C-VPI

CERF# RO-6833/2009

CHIC # 67635


Dark Blue Boy is now known as Digit and has his very own farm now.  He is now owned by Katrin Becker and family who are also the proud owners of, well, let's see, a working Great Pyrenese, Arrow, who protects his flock of chickens, rabbits, a rooster, yeesh, I think a donkey and, well, I know I have left SOMETHING out. 

Katrin also used to breed under the Minkhollows Prefix which is now permanently registered with the CKC.  If you visit the pedigree for our "Harry Potter' Litter, you will see her prefix on a bitch in there a number of generations back.

We are saddened to update that Digit lost a very unexpected and quick battle with an awful type of Lymphoma in early April 2014.  Despite his loving owners willingness to do anything and everything it was not to be.  God Speed Digit ....


Akamai Mokobreeze Nrthrn Dancr

Green Boy is now known as Puck and has made his way up to the Yukon to his new home with his new owners Laura and Jonathan Lucas.  He is going to be a busy boy what with a kennel full of sled dogs to try to keep up with and a lovely Rottweiler housemate named Asha. 

So now that 'little' Puck is 2 years old, we are excited to hear that he is about to embark on his weight pull career.  He has to work hard to try to earn the accolades of his housemate, Asha, who has been the Yukon Freight Pull Champion for the past 3 years, but with Laura's knowledge of the sport, we know he will do very well!!!

Akamai Kelso V. Ashemburg

OFA Hips RO-70403G26M-VPI


OFA Cardiac# RO-CA3840/20M/C-VPI

CERF # RO-6401/2008

CHIC # 60768

Light Blue Boy, now known as Kelso, is Grandma Marina's pick from this litter and will be shown by herself once he is settled in his new home .  He was lucky enough to spend some time with Daddy Vader and Grandma Jez, Aunties Oakley and Uzza before leaving for his new home.  Kelso now resides in Sherwood Park, Alberta and lives with Jennifer and Chris Bishop. 

He has done very well in his classes and is now enjoying long hikes, swimming and being a ham with his family!


RCC Versatility Award

RCC Hall of Fame

#4 Rally Advanced Dog in Canada 2010

APDT Rally Achievement Award/Canadian National Rankings, #27 in 2011

Multi Best of Breed

Can. Ch. Akamai Bold Ruckus CDI RE RL1 CGN TT HIC

OFA Hips RO-70365F26M-VPI 


OVC # 0040752 Hips/Elbows NORMAL

OFA Cardiac# RO-CA3826/20M/C-VPI


CERF - RO-6608/2008

CHIC DNA Repository RO-DNA-108/S

CHIC# 57551

Orange Boy, is now known as Ruckus, and is staying here with us. He absolutely has a lot of tenacity and workability, so I am really hoping that he can fill in the big male paw prints left behind by my boy Justice.

Ruckus is now CKC pointed after his first show weekend in March 2008 at just under 7 months old.   He went Best of Winners and Best of Breed in Cranbrook, BC in August 2008 for 3 points.  After a 2 show weekends in 2009, Ruckus finished his Canadian Championship with 3 Best of Breed wins, one over a BIS special ....

Come visit him on his own page by clicking here!

Can. Ch. Akamai N Mokobreeze Ruffian TT HIC

OFA Hips RO-70360G26F-VPI


OFA Cardiac# RO-CA3842/20F/C-VPI

CERF# RO-6832/2009

CHIC# 60550

Pink Girl, or affectionately known to all of us as Peanut, is now called Lexi and is living with Pam and Mike Bergsteinsson and their sons, Connor and Hunter and was raised by her Uncle Parker (pictured left) until his passing in December 2012.

Although she was by far the smallest puppy we have had, she has one of the BIGGEST attitudes I have seen and I expect her to keep her new household on their toes!  She is quickly catching up in size too, matching her Grandma Jewel at the same age for weight.

Lexi was shown for the first time fall 2008 and she showed like a little pro.  Not one handling class for her, her free stack is excellent.  After her first show weekend of 2009, Lexi had 4 points towards her championship!  After being shown up in Grande Prairie with Grandma Marina in June 2009, Lexi had 8 points towards her championship .... and she finally finished her championship in November 2009!

VP-4 Rated

Multi Best of Breed

Can. Ch. Akamai N Mokobreeze Giacomo HIC

OFA Hips RO-70368G26M-VPI

OFA ElbowsRO-EL7350M26-VPI

OFA Cardiac# RO-CA3843/20M/C-VPI

CERF# RO-6835/2009

CHIC# 60551

Red Boy is now known as Brogan and is making his home in High River, Alberta with Lindsay and Phyllis Bauder and a rottweiler cross that they rescued named Myah .... but he is still missing his grande ol' girl,Mariah who passed in 2011 ...

He is already camping and travelling like a pro as this newly retired couple travel and take their dogs everywhere in their beautiful 5th wheel.

Brogan came out of his very first dog show weekend CKC pointed, owner handled as well, which is just fantastic.  He finished his Canadian Championship in August 2008 in Cranbrook, BC.

The Bauders lost Brogan very very quickly in May 2014 to a brain tumor.  We were all very shocked and saddened by his hasty exit from this world :(


Akamai N Mokobreeze Holy Bull HIC

OFA Hips RO-70367G26M-VPI


OFA Cardiac# RO-CA3839/20M/C-VPI

CERF# RO-6836/2009

CHIC# 60549

Yellow Boy is now known as Kratos and is owned and loved by his new parents, Tisha and Cherokee Gehring of Calgary.

He was affectionately known to us as 'mellow yellow' because he was by far the easiest going puppy in the litter, but was still very fun, quick and inquisitive.  He should be a great little boy for them!


Meet Daddy Vader

Daddy is:

Group Winner/Placer Multi Best of Breed SG-rated Canadian Champion Ashemburg's Dark Side RN CGN TT HIC, otherwise known and 'Vader',  is a big goober who has a loving temperament, strong bone, dark eye and is overall very complimentary to Moka's structure. He is a beautiful dark boy and we are hoping that both of these 2 can pass on their wonderful personalities and drives.


Vader at 3.5 years - special thanks for Marina for these super new photos of Daddy Dog.

Vader's health clearances are listed below:

CHIC #39648

OFA Hips Excellent RO-68040E24M-PI

OFA Elbows Left Normal, Right DJD1

OVC Hips & Elbows:  Clear #0035443

Cardiac RO-CA2639/17M/C-PI

CERF RO-5824



Pedigree for our Moka/Vader Breeding

SG-Rated Can. Ch. Ashemburg's Dark Side RN CGN TT HIC

Can. Ch. Kleineder's Capone's Legend Can. Ch. Lickalot's Legend Ainvergordon Can. Ch. Aramar's Almightly Broca
Lickalots Peony of Invergordon
Can. Ch. Kleinedler's ABCNU Later Lexie SL's CC Capone
Bravamar's Jaycee

Can. Ch. Shacoram's Legendary Lady CD RL1 CGN TT HIC

Can. Ch. Shacoram's Smooth Operator Can.Ch. Briere Fabio Sieger Winner Most Beautiful in Show
Maasai's Classic Impression
Can. Ch. Briere Insomnia BIS BISS Am/Can. Ch. Gamegard's Moonraker
BIS Can. Ch. Briere High Fashion


Canadian Champion

Akamai Time Turner





Multi V-rated AOM Am./Select Can. Ch. Rothburg's Kourage Under Fire ZtP CDX Am. CD DDX RN BH CS CI HIC CGC.

Can. Ch. Rothburg's Guardian Angel CD TT
Ch. Shadowdale Spirit Of Chicago CD
Ch. Parksprings Haven Of Rothburg CD
Can. Ch. Rothburg's Fire From Heaven CD TT
BISS Can. Ch. Schosshund's Bryloukis Okidoki CD TT HIC 1994 Canadian FVR Sieger
Can. Ch. Montclaire's Coca Cobana CD TT

Can. Ch. OTCH Shacoram's Just Say When CDI RE BH RL3 CGN TT HIC


Can. Ch. Shacoram's Smooth Operator
Can.Ch. Briere Fabio Sieger Winner Most Beautiful in Show
Maasai's Classic Impression
Can. Ch. Shacoram's Moonlight Echo Can. Ch. Rothburg's Guardian Angel CD TT
Can. Ch. Shacoram's True Believer