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Our Fall Litters Are Heading off to their new homes!!!


The babies are 7 weeks old now!!!



(Ah-Ka-Ma-Ee), in the Hawaiian language, means 'smart, clever or possessing savoir-faire'.





July 2009 - the gang plus our tag along fluffweiler Heidi ....



We are a small hobby kennel established in 1999 in Calgary, Alberta,  Canada.  Our focuses include conformation, obedience, rally-obedience and we are working hard at tracking.  Our dogs are all loved and raised in our home with our three young children. 



We pride ourselves on the health and temperament of all of our dogs and as such, we make sure we complete all of their health and temperament testing before breeding any of our dogs.


We currently share our lives and our home with 4 Rotten kids; our senior, Jager, and our current working/show dogs, Jewel, her daughter Seeker and Jewel's grandson Ruckus.


We are members of the  Rottweiler Club of Canada  and adhere to the club's Code of Ethics regarding our breeding practices.

We are also members in good standing with:

Canadian Kennel Club

German Shepherd Schutzhund Clubs of Canada

After 3 litters, we are now really starting to see some traits being passed down from our foundation bitch Jewel.  It is pretty exciting.

We proudly train and handle our dogs to all working titles and in doing so with very few dogs have achieved RCC Honour Roll and Hall of Fame status on three of them!

Our goal is to produce beautiful dogs who adhere to the Rottweiler Breed Standard but who can also adhere to the working side of the breed standard as well.  Each of our  breedings are carefully planned out, pedigrees researched so we can match dogs that can help us to best meet our goal!

The photo above represents where we started - on the podium is our Jewel and the sire of our first litter, Caemon.  Left to right is Dax (Jewel and Caemon's son), Seeker, in front of them lying down is Ruckus, to his right is Kalli, (both Jewel and Caemon's grandkids) sitting up to her right is Wicca (Jewel and Caemon's daughter), and lastly, lying down to the right of Wicca is Brogan (another Jewel and Caemon grandson).  This was taken in April 2008 in Red Deer.  Special thanks to Cathy French for her fast fingers on the camera for this fantastic shot and to all of our dedicated owners who love our puppies!

Our boy Justice, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June 2007.

We feed and recommend:  The BARF Diet

The Illusive BAT EARED Rottweiler ..... OR Justice in a HUGE wind!

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