Our Very Own Nanny Dog

Skretting's Court Jester HIC


August 20, 1997 - April 18, 2010


Jager on her 12th Birthday

Jager was the first Rottweiler to have come into my life. She was purchased as a pet quality puppy, but she proved to be so much more than that.  Her registered name was Skretting's Court Jester and she graced my life at 13 weeks old, Jager had been the number one 'QUEEN' ever since. She was spayed at 15 months old, and continued her work as the BIG BOSS until just days before she passed!

She had the personality and temperament that you would hope for in any dog and she had become quite a lovely ambassador for her breed. We love her and so we decided to give her a page on the site anyway, even though she was not part of our breeding program.

Jager was a demo-dog for me while I was assisting for an obedience trainer for a number of years. She had taken her place as our nanny and a super couch potato!  At 10 years old, she was surprisingly still active although she had slowed down a bit.  She was almost always the first dog up in the morning ready for our walk.


Jager in July 2008 at almost 11 years old!


Jager surprised us in June of 2004 by earning her very first title; her Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC).  She did so with pronounced droving abilities (as noted by evaluator Ron Gale).  She was excellent.  I think I totally missed her calling. 

Having said that, she has always done a great job keeping our others dogs together on walks .....


Jager at 9.5 years old



She is our grande ol' fart and we love her dearly. 

She was just the sweetest dog we could ever have and we are very thankful to have had almost 13 years with her before her very quick passing in April 2010.  As she was in life, her death was quite private, and on her own terms.  Special thanks to my amazing vets, Dr. Mark Norman and Dr. Steph Ball .....

Jager sang to certain songs, brought toys to you when you get home (the residual effects of being raised with a Golden Retriever), grrrrr'd like a tough dog but really means 'hey, check me out ....' and she just added so much to our house. 

We could not have asked for a better Rottweiler to start with.

Jager the snow bunny winter 2007.  She is 9.5 years old in this picture.


We had a birthday party for Jager in August 2008 to celebrate her reaching her 11th year.   She had some of her human friends there to help her celebrate, and of course, Seeker, Jewel and Ruckus were there to help her eat her cake!

 The girls all decked out for the party!