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July 1-3, 2016 - Scotia and I tried a new sport in the CKC this year, called Chase Ability which is kind of like lure coursing for breeds that don't do lure coursing, on a smaller scale with no competition to run against.  So, we went out to the Foothills Gazehound Club CAPapalooza and did three runs and Scotia literally flew and chased the 'bunnies' and earned her CA in three tries!!!

April 2016 - Grady earned her Herding Instinct Certification at Y-Knot Ranch in Okotoks, AB.  Tester Billie Richardson let Grady see the big flock of sheep and exert her inner 'herding dog' ... she did excellent!!!

Also in April, Grady's brother Red and his owner Sada earned their Scent Detection Started title (SD-S SP) in one weekend at the tender age of 16 months old.  They are working so hard, I am so proud of this team!

April 18, 2016 - Scotia and I attended our first CARO Rally trial held here in Calgary and run by our friends Barb Burgess and Sarah-Jane Petti with TLC Training and Consulting.  So we were entered in all three rounds of novice rally, and one round of novice team which we did with Barb and Wicca.  Wicca just turned 11 on April 2 so this was a very special run for us, and we were honored to help her to complete her Novice Team title.  Scotia came away with her first novice team leg, but she also had some pretty amazing runs herself and earned her novice rally title (CRNMCL) with a second place score of 199, a third place score of 199 and a PERFECT score of 200 .... proud of this girl indeed!!!

 April 2, 2016 - We would like to wish a happy happy 11th birthday to our very first litter, our 'Harry Potter' litter.  Although half of them have now passed on to the Rainbow bridge and we have unfortunately lost track of two of the pups from this litter, we want to wish Wicca, Dax and Razzle a super happy day, Meadow and Asia, we hope you are still with your families to share your special day, and at the Bridge, ^Parker^, ^Kira^, ^Oola^, ^Kash^ and ^Moka^ .....

March 19 - 20, 2016 - Rose County Canine Association spring obedience and rally trials held in Spruce Grove, Alberta.  This was our first time doing UKC trials of any kind.  It sure was a lot of fun and interesting being able to watch and see the various differences from CKC obedience.  Scotia and I had a good weekend, a full weekend.  It was 3 novice obedience runs and 2 novice rally runs.  Well I am happy to report Scotia was 6 for 6 and earned her UCD and her URO1 with multiple placements and High Aggregate in Rally Novice. 

March 16, 2016 - Our 'Big Bang Theory' Litter turns 2 .... TWO.  Were they not just whelped????? 

As Always, we will start off the new year with a recap of the previous .... so here goes.

I always feel like we haven't done much by the end of the year each year UNTIL I do my recap ....

2015 was a busy, happy and sad year for us.

Scotia started off the year in the whelping pen with her 8 littles one who were born December 27, 2014. Click here to go to their page is here if you would like to check in on them.

From this litter we kept our next hopeful, Grady.  She has proven to be so much more than we ever expected so far.  Grady has  been busy working on obedience and dabbling a little bit in conformation. 

Scotia had a pretty amazing year really, considering it started with a few months of mat-leave.  She started her training towards her DDX right after she weaned her babes.  She finished her Rally Excellent title, started and finished her Novice Intermediate title, made her first DDX attempt in the summer, and was SO close.  In the fall, she earned her Draft Dog Excellent title.  With all of these titles, Scotia became not only Rottweiler Club of Canada Hall of Fame eligible for 2016, but she became Rottweiler Club of Canada Versatility eligible for 2016 as well, which is a first for our kennel.

We had a great time at the Rottweiler Club of Canada National Sieger show here in Calgary in September.  Scotia went V2, Grady went VV1, Gadget went VV3, and our veterans Seeker, Ruckus and Wicca all showed their hearts out in the Veterans classes.  All of their critiques and awards were graciously given to us by Helmut Weiler of Germany, so it was a huge honor for us.

So to recap Scotia's titles for 2015, she earned her:

Rally Excellent - RE

Companion Dog Intermediate - CDI

V2 Rating

Temperament Test - TT

Draft Dog Excellent - DDX


And we got this note from Barb and Wicca, recapping their fantastic year -


"Wicca #10 in the 2014 Canada National Rankings for World Cynosport Rally (formerly APDT). 

March 2015 - earns her ARCH (APDT Rally Champion) and her RL1X (APDT Rally Level 1 Championship) which is 10 Qs after receiving the level title.  She is one of 14 rottweilers in Canada and the US to have earned an ARCH.

May 2015 – earns CWRII (CARO Working Rookie Class I)

Oct 2015 – earns CW-SP (C-WAGS Scent Patrol Level 1)

Nov 2015 – earns her ARCHX (APDT Rally Champion Excellent) and her RL2X (APDT Rally Level 2 Championship).  (note to breeder – her 5 double Qs for this title were all 200 or over J)  She is one of 10 rottweilers in Canada and the US to have earned an ARCHX.

In 2015, she also earned 2 legs toward her CARO Novice Team title; completed 4 of the 5 exercises for her CARO Working Rookie II title; completed 3 of 5 exercises for her CARO Working Elite I title; earned 3 of the 5 legs required for the CARO Bronze Title (after Novice, Advanced, Excellent you need 5 Qs over 190); and earned started on her ARCHEX (APDT Rally Champion Extraordinaire) Title.  This is 10 double Qs in level 2 and 3 in the same trial.  She has 1 double Q but she will be entered in March and we’re going to keep working on it.  Don’t know if we will finish but we’ll try!!! 

She now has 24 titles and is affectionately known as:


Onto the sad, in June, we lost our very special girl Jewel at the age of just one month shy of 13 years old.  She fought off her skin cancer for a long time but she said it was time, and we had to listen.  It was very hard, as it always is, but Jewel was such a special soul.  I miss her each and everyday still ....