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2015 Highlights


May 3, 2015 - In Ontario, Scotia's son, Jake (formerly Leonard) earned his HIC like a pro!!

With big things planned for 2015, we feel the best way to start it off is by recapping 2014, so here goes:

We started and ended our year with Scotia Puppies.  March 16 our first litter in 4.5 years arrived, 2 puppies, one boy and one girl.  They became our 'Big Bang' Theory litter and are happily enjoying their lives in excellent care in Eastern Canada. 

December 27 Scotia welcomed her second and final litter.  3 boys and 5 girls, at the time of my typing this out they are almost 4 weeks old and doing great!

In between these litters, Scotia was pretty darn busy completing some titles.  In May, she earned her Rally Novice title in 3 trials in one weekend when her babies were just 8 weeks old. 

In August, she finished her Canadian Championship, earned her Rally Advanced title and earned one more leg to her Novice Obedience title.

Finally, in September, she finished her Novice Obedience title with 2 more high in class scores and our first ever run off and she earned the first leg of her Rally Excellent title.

Phew ....

And to our lovely Wicca, who at 9+ years old is still working, training and competing in many venues with her awesome owner Barb Burgess.  In 2014, Wicca earned 4 new titles.

In March she earned the last 2 legs for World Cynosport Rally Level 3 with an Award of Excellence (both scores 205, one a first place, one a second)

 In October she earned last leg for CARO Excellent title with a CL designation (CRXCL)

 And finally in December, she earned her Novice Trick Dog and Intermediate Trick Dog titles.


So, off we go, to work for another year, Cheers!

DDX and possibly even getting Ruckus into further carting training in 2014.