Rotts N Kids


It is said that there is nothing better than dogs and children, and I believe this to be true. However, it is not necessarily a relationship that comes as naturally as it is sometimes portrayed on TV or in the movies. And although some breeds are considered to be 'excellent family dogs' and others are not considered to be safe around children, EVERY DOG OF EVERY BREED needs to learn how to be around children and be polite and trustworthy. Rottweilers are no exception, despite news stories very often portraying them as people eaters. One should read a little deeper into these stories, into the background of the dog, it's training and it's owners.

Lexi and her baby, Connor .... he just turned one and LLLOOOOVVVVVEEES his puppies!!!



Emily and Jager Summer 2006

Every dog will have different tolerance levels when children are in the picture, even those breeds that are considered excellent with children. All puppies and dogs that are going to be raised in a house with children (of all ages) needs to be taught how to act properly with children and likewise, children need to be taught how to act properly around dogs and other animals. That is where the responsible parent/adult MUST take control and lead the way. Adult supervision is an absolute must when dogs and children are together. All dogs need proper socialization with children of different ages to be able to handle children running and screaming as children do. The dogs need to know that they are going to be safe when kids are around, that is not necessarily a natural response to a dog. Children must also be taught at a young age that dogs are not toys they can ride, poke at, pull on, etc....... But it can be done easily enough with some time and patience.


In our busy house with three children and dogs of different ages, we have established boundaries and we have provided a safe, comfortable, quiet space in our house where the dogs can go when they have had enough. Our bedroom has a baby gate permanently attached so that the dogs can ask (and they do) when they want to go into the room where their beds are and sleep in peace. It is a quiet haven for them.

Justice and Emily

 But the foundation for my dogs was laid as they grew up, and that is the key with any dog of any breed. It does take some work, but a harmonious relationship between dogs and children can be achieved.

Raiden and Kash (from out 'Harry Potter' Litter) show us how 2 three year old boys should spend their time ....

.... of course, Kash also knows the value of a good roll in the sand too.  Thanks to Dinah for sharing her pics with us!