Here is Moka's Second litter and the first for her owner's under their own kennel name of MokoBreeze Reg'd Rottweilers.

'Smallville' Litter
Whelped:  October 15, 2008   2 Boys 3 Girls
Brenna is rated SG-2 at the RCC National Sieger Show in Calgary, September 2010
Moka and her 3 daughters (l to r Brenna, Piper, and Kya) at the May 2010 Heart and Eye Clinic


Mokobreeze Justice League


Blue boy is now known as Bronx and he went home to Halifax, Nova Scotia with his Daddy Jamie Swallow.  He spent his first 18 months on the east coast only to make the 3000 mile trip back to Calgary in May 2010 with Jamie.

Jamie and Bronx came to live with us here, and our little pack of rottns and children. 

After a few months of settling in, Bronx began to display some issues and behaviors (some old, some new) in handling him as well as within the pack that concerned us.  During the process of seeking qualified, experienced help for him, he progressively got worse; perhaps exaggerated by the stress of his new pack.

So after consulting 2 very experienced and trusted trainer friends of mine, Bronx went back to his breeder .... although it had been recommended to us for this to happen in the best interest of Bronx and us, it happened very abrubtly and in a manner we were not expecting at that point in time, and the way it was done will always leave a mark on Jamie.  Since his removal, we have been given very few updates regarding his progress, other than to find out, after inquiring, that he has been placed in a new home.  We have no idea where, or with whom...and while that allows for zero closure, we wish Bronx all the best, and hope he has found his forever home. We do hope he is loved and getting the proper kind of exercise, training and experienced handling he requires.

He will always be in our thoughts.

Mokobreeze Spellbound RN

OFA Hips - RO-71348G25F-VPI

OFA Elbows - RO-EL7953F25-VPI

OFA Cardiac - RO-CA4280/18F/C-VPI

CERF - RO-7240


Green girl is now known as Piper and she lives just outside of Edmonton, Alberta with her new owners Eugene Piotrowski and Tracey Rodd.

Piper will be busy with agility and obedience, but maybe, just MAYBE, she will be busy at a few dog shows down the road too!  She is proving to be incredibly smart and is excelling in her classes .... in June 2011, Piper and her dad, Eugene finished their Rally Novice title .... way to go!!!


Piper at 16 months


SG-2 Rated

Best Puppy in Breed (CKC Pointed)

Mokobreeze Legacy of Akamai RN CRNCL CGN HIC

OFA Hips - RO-71555E28F-VPI

OFA Elbows - RO-EL8085F28-VPI

OFA Cardiac - RO-CA4281/18F/C-VPI

CERF - RO-7305


Pink girl who is now known as Brenna, she is loved very much by Barb Burgess and Paul Peterson, who also own Wicca!

Brenna is a crazy girl who will soon enough begin to earn some working titles with Barb ......

After her first CKC show in Medicine Hat in May 2009 at the age of 6.5 months, where she showed she is crazy, bouncy and lovable, she is also now CKC pointed ....

Brenna was SG-2 rated at the RCC National Sieger show in September 2010, click on her critique below to read it!


Mokobreeze Solitude's Fortress CGN HIC

Yellow boy is known as Jimmy and has made his way home to the Lower Mainland of BC with his new family Barb, Nicole and Robert Hudak.  He is already doing fantastic in his classes and we have some big hopes for this young man.

He has also proven he has a drive for herding earning his HIC at 6.5 months!  WAY TO GO!

Barb and Jimmy earned their CGN in September 2009, with Jimmy just 11 months old!


Best Puppy in Breed (CKC Pointed)

Mokobreeze Crimson Kryptogirl HIC

OFA Hips - RO-71244G24F-VPI

OFA Elbows - DJDI Unilateral Left

OFA Cardiac - RO-CA4279/18F/C-VPI

CERF - RO-7188



Red girl is now known as Kya and will be staying with Cindy and her family along with her mother Moka and half sister Reiko.

She will be busy is many different things and we expect big things from her in the future.

After her first CKC show in Medicine Hat in May 2009 at 6.5 months of age, Kya is also CKC pointed!

Jimmy moving the sheep in Chilliwack in May 2009!


Meet Daddy ......

CT Imzadie's Anakin The Skys The Limit TD TDX VST UDX Can. CDX RE AXP AXJP VCD3 CS CGC HIC.

As you can tell from his name and ALL of those titles, we are very much hoping that combining Moka's drive and pedigree with Anakin's that we will have a litter of crazy workers. 

He is also fully health tested and cleared:


OFA Hips RO-63993F24M-PI

OFA Elbows RO-EL5643M24-PI

OFA Cardiac RO-CA1357/25M/C-PI

CERF RO-5903/06



Anakin is a super working dog, achieving all of the titles above by 5 years old, but he is also a great companion dog and is now producing beautiful working dogs.  One of his daughters from his first litter earned her TD at 6 months old and her Champion Tracker by 2 years old



Pedigree for our Moka/Anakin Breeding


CT Imzadie's Anakin The Skys The Limit TD TDX VST UD Can. CDX RE AXP AXJP VCD3 CS CGC HIC

 Am. Ch. Dugan Von Boylan TD 
CH Eagle PT Elric V Immerlachen CD, PT
U-CD A/C CH Can OTCH Von Braderís Jem of Phantom Wood UD, TDX, TT, HIC, CGC, ARC Gold Sire
Eagle Point Cleo V Immerlachen
Am/Can CH Von Boylans Boldly Bridgette CD BH Am & Can CH, Multi V-rated Pico Vom Hegestrauch BH, SchH I, BST
Cora Von Der Waldachquelle SchH III, AD, ZtP
CH CT Phantom Wood Catrina Imzadie VCD1 UDX5 RA,NA,NAJ,
U-CD A/C CH Can OTCH Von Braderís Jem of Phantom Wood UD, TDX, TT, HIC, CGC, ARC Gold Sire
Am CH Birch Hillís Warwick CDX, SchH I, TDX, HCT, VX
CH Von Braderís Elsa

CH Jay-Sanís Reell Gespiel CD TD
CH Vom Lidaís Camelot CD
CH Jay-Sanís Gespiel Fur Junie CD


Canadian Champion

Akamai Time Turner



Multi V-rated AOM Am./Select Can. Ch. Rothburg's Kourage Under Fire ZtP CDX Am. CD DDX RN BH CS CI HIC CGC.


Can. Ch. Rothburg's Guardian Angel CD TT Ch. Shadowdale Spirit Of Chicago CD
Ch. Parksprings Haven Of Rothburg CD
Can. Ch. Rothburg's Fire From Heaven CD TT
BISS Can. Ch. Schosshund's Bryloukis Okidoki CD TT HIC 1994 Canadian FVR Sieger
Can. Ch. Montclaire's Coca Cobana CD TT


Can. Ch. OTCH Shacoram's Just Say When CDI RE BH RL2 CGN TT HIC


Can. Ch. Shacoram's Smooth Operator
Can.Ch. Briere Fabio Sieger Winner Most Beautiful in Show
Maasai's Classic Impression
Can. Ch. Shacoram's Moonlight Echo Can. Ch. Rothburg's Guardian Angel CD TT
Can. Ch. Shacoram's True Believer