Proudly introducing our .....


'Twilight' Litter

Whelped:  September 7, 2009      7 Boys and 2 Girls

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Unfortunately, we have lost touch with many of these pups and their families and would love and appreciate any updates you may have if any of you are reading this!

Sarah and lovely Lina on a summer visit to Canada ...

Akamai Something In The Woods

Blue Boy will be residing in Red Deer, Alberta with his Ken Travis and his family.  He will be named Sarge!!!  Can't wait to see the pics of him ruling his own acerage!

Akamai New Moon

Burgundy Boy will now reside with Keith Tillotson of Calgary, and he will be called Kaden.  He will do his best to fill his uncle Chase's (Shacoram's Chase the Moon - Mercy's mom Kira's full brother) pawsteps. By the sound of it it will be a big job.  Lucky boy though, he will get to spend plenty of time in Fairmont at his new cabin .... 

Akamai Noble Volturi

Green Boy has now joined the Lassu family of Calgary and we have big hopes for this laid back boy in the conformation ring.  His name will be Brahms and he is quite like his daddy Dax in his looks and his demeanor and can't wait to watch him grow up!

Akamai In The Blue Hour

Pink Girl is off on a great adventure.  Catalina first had an adventure in the Canadian Rockies with her new owner Sarah White, and then she hops on an airplane to fly home to Madison, Wisconsin .... there she will be greeted by her new housemate, Rex!  We can't wait to hear about all of their adventures to come .....

Akamai Midnight Sun

Purple Boy has joined his new parents Sharon and Gary Strang of Cold Lake, Alberta.  His name will be Harley!  We hear he will soon lead the life of Riley and I am SOOOO very happy about that!

Akamai Buccaneers Rising Sun

Red Boy now lives with Jeff Farmer and his family here is Calgary.  I absolutely love their choice of name for him: Tyko.  He is already doing well I hear, and I am excited to hear more good stuff from this boy!

Akamai Earthbound Sun

My wee little Yellow Boy, well, he had to go to a very special home.  He was VERY VERY small when he was born and we were perfectly content for him to stay here with us, but we were very pleased when we did find him that perfect home with Bridgette, Casey and Jada Coley of Red Deer, Alberta.  Since he was the last puppy to  be placed I had already picked name to call him while he was here and I am really happy that they liked it too. 

Jacob was born with a kidney disorder and unfortunately, at almost 18 months of age, he died of renal failure.  Despite being 'sick' his whole, short life, Jacob was very active and loved by his family, his vets and his daycare ..... he is very missed by everyone as well. 

Godspeed wee Jacob ....

This was Jacob when he came for a visit at one year old!

Akamai Supermassive Black Hole

Orange Boy took a really long drive up to Fort McMurray, Alberta to be with his RCMP officer parents, Lee Brown and Jennifer Sandercock.  His name will be Tucker ....



Rainbow Girl made her way AAAALLLL the way .... next door with my my neighbors Kathy, Rob, Tessa and Dylan Grant.  Mustang also shares her home with her mom Mercy, Shale and Autumn and a few furry kitties .....  and she has made herself right at home. 

She and her family moved all the way across the country to Ontario in August 2010 and we do hope to get some photo updates of them in their new surroundings soo!

Mustang is 9 months old on the left .....


The Parents ....


Both Dax and Mercy are very sweet, sound dogs and I am hoping this linebreeding will produce some beautiful and biddable dogs that are happy to do anything at all!


If you would like to know more about Momma Mercedes, click here to access her own page!


Mercy and Dax in June 2009



'Twilight' Pedigree


SG Rated Can. Ch.

Akamai Rubeus Hagrid TT HIC

Multi V-rated AOM Am./Select Can. Ch. Rothburg's Kourage Under Fire ZtP CDX Am. CD DDX RN BH CS CI HIC CGC.


Can. Ch. Rothburg's Guardian Angel CD TT

Ch. Shadowdale Spirit Of Chicago CD
Ch. Parksprings Haven Of Rothburg CD
Can. Ch. Rothburg's Fire From Heaven CD TT  BISS Can. Ch. Schosshund's Bryloukis Okidoki CD TT HIC 1994 Canadian FVR Sieger
Can. Ch. Montclaire's Coca Cobana CD TT

Can. Ch. OTCH Shacoram's Just Say When CDI RE BH RL2 CGN TT HIC

Can. Ch. Shacoram's Smooth Operator Can.Ch. Briere Fabio Sieger Winner Most Beautiful in Show
Maasai's Classic Impression
Can. Ch. Shacoram's Moonlight Echo Can. Ch. Rothburg's Guardian Angel CD TT
Can. Ch. Shacoram's True Believer

Shacoram's Timeless Beauty TT


Can. Ch. Shacoram's Der full Impact
BIS BISS Can. Ch. Rothburg's Dieter Von Der Full CD TT
Can. Ch. Felicity's Lethal Weapon
Can. Ch. Montclaire's Coca Cobana CD TT

Can. Ch, Shacoram's True Believer


Am/Can. Ch. Aramar's Abraham Grizzwold
Maasai's Classic Impression

Can. Ch. Shacoram's Cruising the Night 

Can. Ch. Shacoram's Smooth Operator

Can.Ch. Briere Fabio Sieger Winner Most Beautiful in Show
Maasai's Classic Impression

Can. Ch. Briere Insomnia
BIS BISS Am/Can. Ch. Gamegard's Moonraker

BIS Can. Ch. Briere High Fashion